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1957 Chevy Pro Street

Pro-Street '57
Eric Brockmeyer's rendering.
Here is the mock up of the cool hood we are building for this pro street '57.
Pro-Street '57
The inner structure of the hood is coming along nicely.  With bracing like this, it will be beautiful and solid.
We've been making progress on Jerry's Pro-Street '57.  It is going to have some really unique features including a one-piece upper grill surround. 
On most '57 Chevys the upper surround is segmented with the center attached to the hood.  We've made this one continuous without any gaps so the hood will open behind it.  This gives a much cleaner look to the front of the car. Pretty cool, huh?

Mock up of the hood of Jerry's '57 is in progress.  This car is going to be one bad street machine!!

At Dominator we strive to produce outstanding automotive creations using the latest techniques.  Accordingly, we have invited Clay Cook of Clay Cook Enterprises to work with us as we form the hood for the pro-street '57 chevy in our shop.  In addition, Clay will be teaching our staff the advanced metal forming techniques involved in building a custom hood for an all-steel '41 Willys that is currently in our shop.  These next few photos show Clay at work with our staff.

Metal working the hood with Clay Cook.

Metal working the hood with Clay Cook.

The hood is really taking shape . This photograph shows us putting the skin on this hand-fabricated piece of art.

Front view of the hood structure for the blower.
Rear view of the hood structure for the blower.
Craig Watts, Tyler Jones and Clay Cook shaping the hood structure for the blower.
Clay Cook and Tyler Jones continue construction of the blower cover.

Two new photos . . .

. . . the hood for Jerry's Pro Street '57 is taking shape.

The hood is installed on the car ...
... and the blower cover is in final form. Soon they'll be joined together.  Stay tuned.
We're making progress ... check out the cool shroud we made to hide the radiator and clean up the front end.
We have finished all the metal work on the hood of this '57 Pro Street ride and the blower is now enclosed to give the car a more modern look.
The hood is hand formed of aluminum.  It'll really look nice when the car is body worked and painted.  We've got some more modifications coming up, so will post more pics as the car progresses.
Notice the roof, we have subtlely flattened it to give a more attractive look for this cool car.

It's finished!

Are you headed to SEMA? If so, you can check out this spectacular '57 in the Axalta booth.

Lorrie & Jerry Jacobs

Santa Maria, California

Class Winner - ProStreet Custom, 49 to 64
Outstanding Paint
Outstanding Interior
Outstanding Display
Winner of the CASI Cup


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